Call for Participants Advancing Young Scholars and Peacebuilders Careers

Call4Participants_Azerbaijan_Страница_1We are pleased to announce the call for participants for our project “Advancing Young Scholars and Peacebuilders Careers”. The project aims to strengthen the capacities and future prospects for young researchers and civil society activists from the whole Caucasus region. Within the project we will: (1) offer training on vital skills and input on relevant topics by international experts and scholars; (2) facilitate dialogue and networking among selected candidates; and (3) strengthen the visibility of the participants within the expert community and enable knowledge transfer from the Caucasus into international discourses.

To achieve these objectives, the project consists of several components. 

  1. The one-week workshop “Protracted Conflicts: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives in the Caucasus” in Berlin, August 10 – 15, 2020 (TBC)
  2. Support for collaborative or individual academic articles or opinion papers of the workshop participants.
  3. The joint print and online publication “Corridors-Proceedings Vol. II”

We invite young actors from the fields of conflict research and civil society conflict transformation from Georgia/Abkhazia, Armenia/Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijan, and Russia to apply for the project. This includes advanced students, graduates, doctoral candidates, lecturers, and civil society activists up to 40 years of age.

Interested persons from Azerbaijan, please send your application consisting of letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, and abstract to Sebastian Relitz ( ) and Avaz Hasanov ( ) not later than by 26 June 2020. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Thanks to the generous funding of the German Federal Office (#CivilSocietyCooperation), we will cover the project-related costs, including travel, accommodation, full board, 

Given the uncertainties of the current pandemic, the fall-back date for the workshop is September 2020. If it is not possible to hold an international workshop in Germany by then, we will convert the project into a condensed online learning and exchange format, which is strongly oriented towards the needs of the selected participants.



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