Avaz Hasanov: “Azerbaijan cooperates on some topics with European Union”

AvazEU“We try to sign associative agreement that is strategic for both sides”. This statement was made by Ambassador Malena Mard, Head of the EU Delegation in the Republic of Azerbaijan. She stated that this document mainly includes rule of law, trade, economy, democracy and other areas. M.Mard emphasized that Azerbaijan will receive financial aids as grants in the fields of rule of law, justice, and development of regions in Azerbaijan: “The amount of those grants will be 75-90 billion Euros. These are part of European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership”.

By sharing his views on this statement, Avaz Hasanov, Human Rights Defender noted that this proposal is very serious challenge towards Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijan had refused to sign the Associative Agreement. Another plan was suggested to European Union to replace this one. This hypotetically is a plan that considers biletaral cooperation with Azerbaijan. Cooperation between European Union and Eastern Partnership countries happens on the basis of associative agreement. We can see this fact from the examples of Georgia and Ukraine. Azerbaijan, Belarus and Armenia wants to sign little bit different document with the European Union.

Azerbaijan has proposed such kind of bilateral agreement. These processes recently speed up again. This is very vital message for Azerbaijan. This might also stop suspicions regarding joining of Azerbaijan to Eurasian Union. I.e., Azerbaijan is going to cooperate with European Union by signing the bilateral agreement. Azerbaijan may send a message about choosing its way towards European Union. In fact, this agreement is new and very good news for Azerbaijan. The European Union also appreciated this proposal by Azerbaijan and already begun negotiations in this direction. Regarding to the allocated aid, I think that those aid will be much more. During the period of high income from oil in Azerbaijan, 96 billion Euros were allocated for our country. Azerbaijan did not use that money and gave it back. Today, Azerbaijan needs money. Any amount of money from European Union is needed.


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