“Secure living in border areas: sustainability of community”

Since June 2015, Humanitarian Research Public Union has started project named: “Secure living in border areas: sustainability of community”, with the financial support of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main objective of the project is assessment of the processes connected to the provisions in secure living of people, residing in the villages bordering with Armenia, delivery of information on secure living and support in capacity building of the community.

As Avaz Hasanov, chairman of the Humanitarian Research Public Union said, in the frame of this project, the population will be instructed on self-protection from mined areas and for this purpose, in public places of the village’s entrances and exits, boards are expected to be placed. In the same time, with help of local activists, it is planned to hold an advice meetings to achieve the fire protection and reduction of facades in the villages; to print and distribute information sheets on fire protection to the population in border villages.

Project, which will continue until the end of November 2015, can become an important step in the study of the people’s needs that are living in the border villages of Gazakh and Tovuz regions and improvement of their skills.

* Humanitarian Research Public Union (known as the Society for Humanitarian Research until May 2015), have been registered in the Ministry of Justice in 2000, is a non-governmental organization that is engaged with conflict resolution and human rights activities.

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