Over 20 years IDPs spent 5.5 billion manats

DSC_0195Humanitarian Studies Society presented on April 30 report on the process of resettlement of IDPs in new settlements. his project is funded by the European Union and in cooperation with the British NGO “Reconciliation Resources” (Conciliation Resources.) The answer is called “New housing and hope to return” reflects the results of surveys conducted among refugees resettled in new villages. The head of the Society of Humanitarian Studies Avaz Hasanov said that the process of resettlement of IDPs started in 2004, and continues today.

It plays an important role in solving social problems of refugees, he said. According to statistics, in 2006, 230,000 IDPs were accommodated in hostels, 41,000 in tent camps, 28,000 in Finnish houses, 58,000 in railway cars. At the same time, 200 thousand persons were placed with relatives or in houses built by themselves. For 20 years from the state budget and from international organizations to address the problems of internally displaced persons has been spent 5.5 billion manat. At present, in 70 new settlements created more than 200 thousand IDPs.

As a result of the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Kakrabaha and seven surrounding districts,  and about 800 thousand Azerbaijanis were evicted from their homes.


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