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Towards a secure future: Community voices in border areas of Armenia and Azerbaijan

The report consists of two analyses – from both the Armenian and the Azerbaijani sides – and looks at local perceptions of conflict and insecurity of people living on either side of the Armenia-Azerbaijan international border. The study aims to … Continue reading

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After the 2014 escalation: The front line between Armenia and Azerbaijan

2014 saw the worst military escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan in two decades, with the highest reported casualties since the 1994 ceasefire agreement. The tit-for-tat military clashes that took place during July-August 2014 along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border and the shooting … Continue reading

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Minsk Group wants to see Paris meeting commitments’ upholding

Commitments taken at the Paris Summit should act as a tool for Armenia and Azerbaijan to boost their efforts towards settling the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, OSCE Minsk co-chair said. Commenting on the Minsk Group’s future plans in view of the conflict’s … Continue reading

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Focus on forced displacement

The project as a whole aims to cover issues of displacement on all sides of the conflict. However, it is acknowledged from the outset that while very large numbers of people have been displaced on all sides, the problem of … Continue reading

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“Международное сообщество признает выборы в Нагорном Карабахе после определения статуса региона”

Интервью с главой Азербайджанского Общества гуманитарных исследований Авазом Гасановым. Азербайджанский эксперт и правозащитник дал оценку кампании по выборам главы Нагорного Карабаха, которые состоятся 19 июля, изложил свое видение ситуации в на переговорах по урегулированию армяно-азербайджанского конфликта, и роли, которую могут … Continue reading

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