Relations between Azerbaijan and European Union

Survey has been realized among 300 respondents in Baku, Sumgait and Ganja cities that 50 persons of them were experts. 6 researchers were involved to the survey.  192 participants of the survey were in 18-35 ages, 86 persons were 35-45 ages and 22 persons were over the 45 old years.   The respondents consist of 211 males and 89 females.

Questionnaire has been responded by owners of teacher, doctor, police, economist, journalist, lawyer, manager professions and pupils who is/are going to graduate the secondary schools.

What do you consider as a priority on the cooperation amongst Azerbaijan and European Union?

Support of accomplishment of democracy and human rights in Azerbaijan – 96

Benefit from the establishing of economic cooperation and relations – 71

Support the acceleration of the processes over the solution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict – 45

Enlargement of cooperation with the universities of the countries that included in European Union – 26

Facilitation of visa issues, simplification of departure – arrival – 18

Export of Azerbaijan energy resources to the European market – 14

Development of opportunities for creating new work places – 12

Membership to the European Union – 11

Increase of investments in the European countries and vice versa – 7

Which one of the platforms of Eastern Partnership of EU you think that is more important?

Democracy, stability and effective management – 125

Adaptation of economic integration and reforms to the sector policy of European Union – 82

Energy security – 49

Relations amongst people – 44

What is your opinion on the membership of Azerbaijan to the World Trade Organization?

Azerbaijan should be member of WTO in order to normalize the relations with EU – 163

Make transparent the economic relations and intensify the economic relationships in wider composition – 127

Membership accelerates the participation in the Eastern Partnership program – 10

From your point of view, what is the cause of not being member of Azerbaijan to the WTO?

It is not desired for struggling with monopoly in the country – 119

Azerbaijan can’t obtain the consent of the countries that will support the membership of Azerbaijan in the WTO – 103

Azerbaijan substantiate failure to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and being of its territory under occupation – 78

Do you think the role of EU over the solution of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

EU should replace the France within the OSCE Minsk Group – 162

EU should support the peace building process – 82

EU should work with civil society – 49

EU should support the OSCE Minsk Group during the negotiation process – 7

EURONEST – what do you know about the Eastern Partnership Parliament Assembly of European Union?

I have some information – 70

I have a few information – 180

I don’t have any information – 50

What do you know regarding the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum?

I have some information – 101

I have a few information – 115

I don’t have any information – 84

Which one of the countries that are the members of European Union do you consider that is/are the main partner of Azerbaijan?

Germany – 53

United Kingdom – 47

Poland – 40

Czech Republic – 32

Hungary – 30

Estonia – 27

Sweden – 22

Austria – 17

Belgium – 7

Finland – 7

France – 6

Italy – 5

Society for Humanitarian Research

Society for Humanitarian Research is a think tank centre, non governmental organization created in 1997.The organization is officially registered on 14 April,2000. SHR is a member of more than 10 local and international civil society networks.  The mission of SHR – the achievement of democratic changes through increasing and developing citizen activities, the protection of  human rights and freedoms and the construction of more sustainable participation of citizens in the process of forming a civil society

Po. Box 158 SHR,

Baku – Az 1000, Azerbaijan

Tel/fax: (99412 4378387

Моб.: (99450 3202534


Download- Azerbaijan-EU relations_presentations-eng

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