NGO manual book

This book has been written on the basis of the experience and materials resulting from combined work of the Humanitarian Research Center and the Enlightened Youth Organization of Azerbaijan. These two organizations have been engaged in many programs developing the third sector. This book is a part of their efforts in fostering sustainability. It will help NGOs in the establishment process and will advise appropriate ways to reach their aims.

The NGO Grant Programme of the NGO Resource and Training Center, a UNDP project) provided the funding and direction necessary to realize this project. Without their assistance and experience, this manual would not have been completed. The National NGO Forum (NNF) also provided advice and moral support.


Society for Humanitarian Research

Enlightened Youth Organization


Avaz Hasanov

Ayten Shirinova


Sahib Musayev

Ulviyya Mamedova


Lutful Kabir

UNDP NRTC Chief Technical Advisor

Jafar Jafarov

UNDP NRTC Project manager

Eric Lapisto

UNDP NRTC consultant

This book has been prepared and published by sponsorship of NGO Resource and Training Center, (UNDP project) NGO Grant Programme.

@ Society for Humanitarian Research

@Enlightened Youth Organization


NGOmanual books

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