Our history

The Humanitarian Research Public Union is a non-governmental organization founded on January 17, 1997. The organization was officially registered on 14 April 2000.

The main objective of the organization is the following:

– Democratic development of the society, study of the conditions for participation of the people in building civil society, human rights, migration, conducting monitoring of the development of the third sector,

– Preparation of the programs enabling the citizens to obtain legal knowledge,
– Providing free legal services to the population, especially migrants, refugees and the internally displaced,
– Printing bulletins, journals and other materials about human rights and development of the third sector,

Beginning from 1999 the organization disseminated information free of charge about funds, grants, workshops and useful addresses. The data base of the organization contains information about the youth, women carrying out their activity in Azerbaijan, the migration problems, addresses of human rights organizations and all these information have been placed in the internet page of the organization.

Since 1998 the organization is a member of the working group of the UN Conference on the refugees on the protection of refugee rights and the legislation. As part of this group, it participated in workshops dedicated to the issues of protection of refugee rights and granting refugee status held in Moscow, Prague, Tbilisi. By the authorship of the organization, “the news release for persons seeking for asylum in Azerbaijan” within the framework of the Conference’s working group were published in the Russian and English languages in connection with problems of refugees in the CIS countries.

In 2000 the organization, again with the financial assistance of the Norwegian Royal Embassy printed “Handbook for pre-election campaign” was printed in Azerbaijani and Russian and “Dictionary terms and definitions in Azerbaijani-English-Russian)” was printed. At the same time, with the assistance of UNDP, the organization prepared a “Information Booklet for NGOs”. The publication was in Azerbaijani and English and sent free of charge to NGOs and the international organizations.

At the same time, the organization has prepared the “Manual book for NGOs” with the assistance of UN Development Program that was published in Azerbaijani and English languages. In 1999 HRPU has prepared the reports of “situation of legislation in Azerbaijan on migration”, “condition of children in Azerbaijan“, “On the condition of development of the development of the third sector”.

Since 2002, with the financial support of OSI-AF, the Society publishes “Human Rights in Azerbaijan”. Www.humanrights-az.org. Within the framework an information booklet on the human rights organizations was printed in Azerbaijan and English.

Since March 2004, the HRPU began to implement the project of NGO News Service and Hot Line announced by Catholic Relief Services. During the project, besides the services to be provided, the Society has created NGO Resource Center and the Internet site http://www.ngo-az.org has been available for a year.

In 2006 the organization published firstly in Azerbaijan the book “Karabakh is a subject of discussions” reflecting the official position of the Azerbaijani community as regards the Karabakh conflict. This book, financed by the UK Conciliation Resources organization and published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages was presented officially in Azerbaijan and outside the territory of Azerbaijan – in 6 countries. At the same time, by the financial support of the mentioned organization the organization caused the making of the documentary film “Nagorno Karabakh: consultation with the society” and it was demonstrated in the different countries.

In 2006, the organization accomplished the project of “the expert network from the Southern Caucasus on the problems of refugees” together with the Georgian Caucasus Institute of Peace, Democracy and Development based on the financial support of the Danish Refugees Council, prepared reports and books concerning the problems how will influence the various variants of the settlement ways of the conflict to the residential places of refugees and IDPs.

The organization is one of the active members of the program securing the participation of the civil society in the process of settlement of the conflict of Nagorno Karabakh. The organization is fulfilling the projects of “joining of the civil society to the settlement of the conflict” and “estimation of the conflict and the status quo” financed by the UK International Alert organization that besides the debates conducted in the regions within the project in connection with the conflict of Nagorno Karabakh conducted inquiries embracing the losses and other parameters subjected by the parties and they were published in the form of a book.

HRPU has been organizing the projects aiming at engaging the society into peace-creating process in the regions more than 5 years with participation of young beneficiary. Nagorno Karabakh Conflict simulation game organised by HRPU and NISA on November 2009.

The organization carries out its activity according to the structure noted in the Charter registered and confirmed with the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic. The supreme body of the organization is a general Meeting convened once in a year. The Board of Management consisting of 7 persons accomplishing the management of the organization is elected by the General Meeting and is consisted of 5 men and 2 women. The program director and heads of several departments are women. At the same time, the number of women amongst the volunteers is 35%.

Since 1997 the Organization of Humanitarian Researches adjusted cooperation with the international organizations, and subsequently became their members, or has entered into their networks. Now our organization is a member of following international institutes:

– Since 1997 is the participant of Conference of the United Nations on refugees in the CIS countries;

– Since 1998 is a member of Working group on protection of refugees and the legislation;

– Since 2000 is a member of the Forum Caucasian;

– Since 2001 is a member of the Network Caucasian on refugees;

– Since 1999 participates in a network against racism UNITED;

– Is one of founders of working group on communications between civil societies of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia and on frontier cooperation;

– Is one of founders of expert group on studying questions of management by crises on Southern Caucasus;

– Since 2000 is a member of Working group on clearing the persons taken in a captivity and in hostages during the Karabakh conflict, and its representative in Azerbaijan;

– Is a member of the Coalition on the International Criminal Court;

– Is a member of Federation of the Organizations under Human rights.

The contact information
Po. Box 158 SHR,
Baku – Az 1000, Azerbaijan
Tel/fax: (99412 4378387
Моб.: (99450 3202534
E-mail: info@hrpu.org
The Internet: www.hrpu.org
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