Society for Humanitarian Research starts a series of debates

Society for Humanitarian Research (SHR) started to implement the project of “Debates among the youth about NK conflict” in the framework of its peacemaking activities which are financially supported by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan. The project aims to increase faith in peaceful solution of NK conflict, inform the youth about the processes concerning the settlement of the conflict and explore the prospects of achieving peace.

SHR will organize lectures of political experts on the developments around resolution of the conflict, debates dedicated to role of public diplomacy and simulation games on 4 topics in the framework of the project that will last by April 2011.

During the project benefits of modern internet technologies will be utilized to support activities of the youth directed at organizing discussions on the conflict and implementing ideas contributing to peacemaking processes.

Mr. Avaz Hasanov, director of SHR said: “We plan a number of events as part of the project that aim at active involvement of the youth in the resolution of NK conflict and engaging them in active side of the processes. In spite of a fact that we have held numerous events in this area we believe this particular project will have a positive impact on the society at this very stage of negotiations. In the simulation games young people will perform the roles of presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia as well as other prominent political and public figures of societies”.

As a footnote, it should be added that SHR is a non-governmental organization founded in 1997. It is a member of EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and its coordinator for Azerbaijan.

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